The Experts you need
Developer - Graphic Designer - System Integrator - Database Administrator



We are freelancers with more than 20 years of experience.
We have developed applications for all sectors (industrial, healthcare, commerce, manufacturing, government, financial, servicing), in major operations (administration, production, storage, employees management, customer service), with many data sources (MsSQL, MySql, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird, FileMaker, Access, Excel, XML, CSV, PDF, Web services, Email), exchanging data with the most widespread applications.

Our graphic designers use always advanced and powerfull tools, mixing raster and vector graphics to obtain great quality and amazing effects.
We have good experience in system integration and database administration, with high knowledge of networking, computer hardware and electronics.
We always use the most advanced technologies and standards to obtain the highest quality, keeping in mind our main goals: quality of work and customer's satisfaction.